Standing Against the Use of Mechanically Separated Meat

At 2025 BMB, we are against the use of mechanically separated meat. Mechanically separated meat is a term used to describe the process of separating bones from edible tissue. It is this meat that usually goes into sausages and pepperoni. This process is used in the manufacturing industry for pork, turkey, beef and chicken. An article on Forbes titled “Take a Look at ‘White Slime,’ a ‘Pink Slime’ Cousin” describes the practise of creating machined meat. Manufacturing companies using mechanically separated meat must stop as it is unethical for consumers. Consumers are being deceived thinking they are eating quality meat when really they are consuming blood vessels and bone marrow. It is impossible to distinguish in taste between quality and machined meat. We believe meat sold from manufacturing companies should only include quality cuts with nutritional value.One of the companies producing quality meats for manufacturing uses is a halal butcher shop in toronto¬†and we commend them on that. This meat shop raises their halal meat with high ethical standards and only uses quality feed. It is their approach which we would like to see other meat manufacturers take. ¬†We stand in support with:

Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council