Furnace Installation and Air Conditioning For Food Safety

Recently, new regulatory requirements have been issued for food packaging and production companies. The BRC certification body requires food facilities to be certified in order to ensure food safety. The BRC requirements has a section discussing the types of heating and cooling systems that are permissible. Air quality is very important when it comes to food handling and any contaminant in the air can cause large safety problems.

For example, if peanuts are being manufactured in one area of a plant, indoor air systems can move the allergen to other parts of the plant posing a safety hazard for individuals with allergies. It is for this reason that you need to consult with a HVAC Toronto company to do a study for your plant. The link above will direct you to a contractor who has set up BRC compliant heating and cooling systems for many food grade facilities.

The requirements also state that you need proper air filtration for your plant. Your local HVAC contractor can analyse your furnaces to determine whether there are any contaminants in the air. The main thing to ask your local contractor for is an indoor air quality test. This should give you an idea if your plant is running safely or not.